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Wireless Alarm system

Wireless Alarm system
Product Detailed

Wireless Alarm:
System can scroll to the code
System can take the inttiative to monitor the remote site voice

The system brief introduction:

The basic funtcions of alarm are;When someone entered the maximum security area,the system can set the mode lf implementation of the masters of the scene whistle alarm,and automatically dial pre-set cycle best 1-6team telephone numbers alarm
be able to voice recording system,and the information will not be lost after power-down, Wlarm phone recording voice alarm information,
system can take the inttiative to monitor the remote site voice,
remote system can be in different places cloth/from a defended position.
system can scroll to the code,random increase/decrease detector configuration.
Alarm system can grab line When the trigger after the alarm,regardless of series in the report to the police are picking on the phone or hanging up a state machine,line will be automatically cut to give priority to the police,
shear line warning system still functions,the system also shear line warning function,the host in the deployed state,disconnected telephone lines,35seconds after the whistle for the host ring
power systems have job protection,when power lines were damaged or because of other reasons,the system power standby power could continue to work 24 hours or more to automatically charge,
System has a state of memory function,when the city of electricity and standby power-down again after depoetion calls ,the system remained down pre-set state,
The system also has a mine-protected.


Technical parameters:
Power supply: AC = 220V ± 10% DC = 9V built: Ni-cd rechargeable battery DC = 7.2V
Operating current: I1 ≤ 50mA
Alarm current: I2 ≤ 300mA
Radio frequency: 315MHz/433MHz ± 0.5MHz
Wireless receiving sensitivity: 5mV / m
Interference intensity: 1V / m (frequency range 20-1000MHz)
External alarm horn sound intensity: ≥ 100db
Working environment: temperature 0 ° -40 ° C Relative Humidity: ≤ 90%
Detector can be configured capacity: ≥ 28 months
Reliability: In the framework of the provisions of anti-jamming
False alarm rate: 2 times / year
Omission rate: 0 times / year

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