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CE certification Wireless Home Alarm System with door contact, siren(big order, free frieght)

CE certification Wireless Home Alarm System with door contact, siren(big order, free frieght)
Product Detailed

Wireless Home Alarm System:
1. Host one (including antenna)
2. Wireless door (window) a magnetic detector

Wireless Home Alarm System  :

I.Overview of the system the basic functions of this alarming is: when some people enter the defended region.the system may be in the pattern which establishes according to the master implement the scene police siren to report to the police,and the dial supposed 1-6 group of telephone number autocyclely to report to the police.

 The system can pronunciation recording and sending out,after falling the electricity,the information can not be able to lose.After triggers reports to the police. May from answer on the police telephone to hear inputs originally reports to the police the pronunciation information.The systemcan monitor the long-distance scene sound initively.The system can remote arming disarming in another place. The system  can roll the code.increase reduce the disposition of the detector.The system can snatch the line to the police.After triggers reports to the matter connects in reports to the police on telephone is picks machine or hangs machine the condition.the line can the automatic turnoff.first report to the police.The system also has cuts the line to warn the function.the system also has cuts the line to warn the function.the main engine in deploys troops for defense under the condition.the telephone line separates.after 35 seconds. The main engine police siren resounds continuously.The system has the power failure to work the protection function.when the power source line is destroyed or because other reasons of power failure. The system  emergency power supply still could continue to work above for 24 hours.after will come the electricity to be able to charge automatically.The system had the condition memory function.after the city electricity falls the electricity and the emergency power supply exhausts comes the electricity.the system still maintained the condition which in front of the electricity established.The system also has the anti-radar function.The signaling schematic drawing is as follows:Between the main engine and the probe head.gate magnetism.the remote control the information is the wireless transmission.Main engine surface shell general arrangementoice recording system, and the information is not lost after power-down. When the alarm trigger, you can hear from the originalphone alarm recording voice messages. 
Remote monitoring system can take the initiative to voice the scene. 
Remote system can be in different places cloth / from a defended position. 
Scroll to the code system, free to increase / decrease detector configuration. 
Alarm system can grab line. When the trigger after the alarm, regardless of series in the report to the police on the phone is hanging up or picking machines, and lines will be automatically cut off to give priority to the police. 
There are cut-line warning system functions, system functions are warning shear line, the host in the deployment of state, disconnected telephone lines, 35 seconds after the whistle for the host ring. 
Power system protection work, when power lines were damaged or for other reasons the system back-up power supply is still able to work more than 24 hours, calls will be automatically recharged after. 
System status and memory function, when the city electricity and standby power-down and then re-depletion calls, the system remained down in front of the state.
The system also has a mine-protected


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