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(free freight) Wireless Alarm(DC=9V)

(free freight) Wireless Alarm(DC=9V)
Product Detailed

Wireless Alarm 1 ~ 6 groups alarm telephone
Host one (including antenna)
Wireless door (window) a magnetic detector
28 guard



The basic functions of Wireless alarm that is:

 when someone entered the security area, the system owner can set the mode of implementation of the scene whistle alarm, and automatically dial pre-set cycle of 1 ~ 6 groups alarm telephone numbers
 voice recording system, and power-down after the information is not lost, when the alarm trigger can be heard from the phonethe original voice recording of the alarm information.
 remote system can take the initiative to monitor the sound field remote system can be in different places cloth / from a defended position. rolling on the code system, free to increase / decrease detector configuration.
 Alarm system can grab line, when the alarm triggered, the alarm regardless of the series in the phone is picked into the machine or outside phone line will be automatically hang up, the priority alarm. warning system also features cutting line, when the telephone lines were destroyed or damaged as a result of other reasons, the host will be a garrison state issued every 1 minute (,,) prompted the rapid tone, in the deployed state, disconnected alarm speakers will be open continuously ringing alarm. power system protection work, when power lines were damaged or due to other causes power outages, the system standby power could continue to work 24 hours or more after the call will be automatically charged system state and memory function, when the city electricity power-down and standby power is exhausted after re-calls, the system remained down in front of the state.
 have a lightning protection system function time whistle ring 1 ~ 20 minutes set up between the arbitrary host with the probe, remote control wireless transmission between the both. 
Stand-eight full-keyboard at home / out function deployment, keyboard cloth / from a defended position.


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