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GSM Alarm System

GSM Alarm System
Product Detailed

GSM alarm:
Scene monitors
Support GSM / CDMA mobile phones
Set 5 telephone number
Remote control outputs

GSM alarm:How understand the fundamental functions of the lead plane
1, The lead plane adopt two frequency,four frequency GSM / GPRS industry modules, stabilityreliably, the whole world all  can use.
2, Support GSM / CDMA mobile phones, compatible middle/English to owe information the function gieing an alarm,meet the police and cloth displacement withdrawing from a defended position.
3, May set up 5 set of consumer telephone number.
4, May set up 1 set of alarm center telephone number holding house number information .may manage center made to the district security, alarm management center warning to housing eatate Bao An.110 networked alarming.
5, Special circumstances of the time may set up centre telephone numbers,consumer organizing a defence 1 set organizing a defence prompt to the centre telephone dialing organizing a defence.

6, May set up 1 set withdrawing from a defended position centre telephone number, the consumer is met to withdrawing from  a defended position when withdrawing from a defended position centre telephone dialing prompts.

 7, The  a function: Can hear the scene pronunciation.persen action sound such as walking about, digging, prying limpidly.
8, Scene correct talk function:can shout words,duplex operation correct talk to scene personnel.

 9, Lead plane interruption of power supply hint function (when  the inner has reserving battery): Alternating current blackout,the incoming telegram short message to inform of a consumer.
10, Organize a defence,give an alarm,go to the lavatory go out and organize a defence,withdraw from a defended position or emergent by the face that wireless remote control implement,may be at home pragmatic.

 11, Remote control outputs by the fact that the strange land type in telephone go along remote control scene organizing a defence.withdraws from a defended position.monitors,lead plane function interpose and so on.

 12, May wait by the fact that sending fault believing that the scene carrying out remote controlorganized a defence.withdraws from a defended position.  monitors.remote control output, the lead plane function interposes.

 13, the host can pass calling or sends out a short message.long-range remote control two roads output.controls room lamplight.air-conditioning switch etc.

14, the lead plane has has 3 roads having a line to import controlling a way,short circuit detecting is equal link wired various warning facilities conveniently.

 15, The lead plane has 16 roads various wireless (the wireless feel to shooting feeling,the coal gas on fence.cigarette, emergent probe button guarding against theft waits)

 16,When the lead plane has warning the pilot relay output end,gose to the lavatory but gear power source.plane recording etc.Works.
17, the lead plane has password operation. ensure system safety.
18, The circumferential lead plane trumpet interface.silence/police whistle sound warning change.
19, Busa guards against 3wired defence area of road.16wairless road defence area of lead plane without exception but alone .convenient area is put into use.
20, the lead plane may match built-in battery-pile.deliver direct-current automatic switching.automation battery charging system ensures the regular job blackout.
21, Entire wireless system, nonutility arrangement of wire. Installation go to the lavatory.Apply to the local having the line network to be able to not get to such as garage.storehouse specially.



Technical parameters:
1, the host box (L * W * H): 120 x 65 x 35mm.
2, the use of environmental conditions: indoor, ambient temperature -10 ~ 50 , relative humidity ≤ 90%, atmospheric pressure 86 ~ 106Kpa.
3, the police receive mode: FSK, to receive from 100-250 meters.
4, alarm mode: GSM network alarm, SMS alarm.
5, stored telephone numbers: 5 groups, telephone number bit longer: 32.
6, operating frequency: 315MHz/433MHz.


Complete list

1. Host one (including antenna)

2. Wireless door (window) a magnetic detector

3. 2 4 remote control. A wireless infrared detector (non-rechargeable)

5. A 6-alarm. Regulator a rechargeable source

7. Manual 1

8. A warranty card

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